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What is Dive Control?

Dive Control is an interface designed to be used with control boards such as Degz Suibo that run Derin Diver software. With this interface, you can control, change settings and calibrate your underwater vehicles from your computers and mobile devices. Dive Control is part of the Derin Diver ecosystem and is designed to facilitate manual control of underwater vehicles.

Features of Dive Control

Dive Control has been developed specifically for underwater vehicles and aims to make the operation of an underwater vehicle as easy as possible. It is currently actively used with Deringezen models.

  • Full compatibility with Derin Diver
  • Multiplatform usage, Windows / Mac / Linux**/ Android**
  • Modern interface with 3D visuals
  • Parameter system where you can change the settings of the Deep Diver
  • Live video view and video recording
  • Possibility to apply image filters to live video**
  • Live sensor data display
  • Editable interface**
  • Multiple input support, joysticks, keyboard, touch control**

The features specified with ** are in the testing phase and will be released as soon as possible.

How can I get Dive Control?

You can get Dive Control on the Degz Robotics Github page. Dive Control is under active development and is constantly receiving new updates. You can get the latest version via the latest release on Github. Simply download the appropriate .zip file for your system, extract it from the archive and run DiveControl.exe (instructions for other systems will be added).

Can I Use Dive Control in Competitions?

Yes, you can use Dive Control in competitions such as Teknofest. It is also suitable for people who want to develop their own projects about underwater robotics.