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About the Product


Hi Base board is an electronic circuit board that allows users to monitor their energy consumption instantly. With instant current, voltage and power monitoring features, users can get a detailed view of their energy usage. Magnetic switching technology allows the board to be switched on and off without physical contact, and also offers remote controllability via an external switch. The board is equipped with an INA219 current sensor, which enables precise current measurements. Its 45 x 45 mm compact design and wide compatibility are designed for various energy management needs, allowing them to effectively perform energy management.

Product Technical Specifications

Main Features
Instant current, voltage and power monitoring allows the user to monitor energy consumption in detail.
Magnetic switchingAllows the device to turn on and off through a magnetic field, without requiring physical contact.
External switchAllows users to control the device via an external switch.
**Electrical Characteristic
Maximum Current200 Amps (tested up to 120 amps.)
Continuous Current60 Amps
Input Voltage6-48 Vdc
Battery Types2s - 12s
INA219 Current sensorHelps the device measure current accurately.
Size: 45 x 45 mm



The maximum current of the Hi base board is 200 amps, but it has been tested up to 120 amps

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