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About the Product

Sublink communication Module

The Sublink Communication Board is a communication module that provides high performance with low latency over the RS-485 protocol. This module has a hot-plug function that can be safely connected and disconnected even in active use. It can transmit high-resolution video and control signals via USB with a single cable and can communicate effectively up to 400 meters away. It is designed for use in underwater vehicles and wired robotic systems and is fully compatible with the Deep Diver ecosystem. Developed to meet the communication needs of autonomous systems, it also allows integration with analog solvers and is compatible with multiple operating systems.

About the Card

Bus StandardRS485
Camera CommunicationAnalog, Analog HD
Communication with the underwater station via a 4-way cable(A, B, AV and GND)
Supply Voltage5v
Compatible SoftwareWindows / Linux / MacOS / Android

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