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About the Product

Analog HD 1080P Camera

The AHD (Analog High Definition) camera system offers clear images with a resolution of 1920x1080 and can transmit visuals with low latency (approximately 100ms) over distances up to 300 meters. Equipped with interchangeable M12 lenses, this system requires specialized decoders and stands out as an economical solution. AHD cameras are preferred in areas that require high resolution, especially in robotics. While shielded cables are recommended to prevent signal interference, unshielded cables may also be used under suitable conditions.


AHD Cameras can be affected by noise like analog cameras, so it would be appropriate to transfer the image with shielded cables similar to analog cameras. However, it can also be used with unshielded cables if there are no factors that can disturb the signal line.

Technical Specifications

Image Resolution1920×1080
Lens TypeInterchangeable M12
Power Supply Voltage12V

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