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About the Product

Rolica Motion System

The Rolica Motion Camera System provides superior imaging even in dark environments with a 180-degree free rotation angle and 1000lm illumination intensity. Operating with standard PWM signals, this system is compatible with all camera modules within Degz, allowing users to easily adjust the camera direction. With a 12V operating voltage and a maximum depth capacity of 150 meters, Rolica offers a flexible and scalable solution. The system does not include a camera and can be customized with optional additional camera modules.

Product Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage12V
Camera Rotation Angle180 Degree Free
Illumination Intensity1000lm
Illumination Rotation AngleFixed to camera - 180 degrees
Maximum Depth150 meters
1500 ms PWMFixed
Up to 2000 ms PWMClockwise
Up to 1000 ms PWMCounter-clockwise

Product Pin Diagram

Rolica Hareket Sistemi

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